Monday, October 28, 2013

Getting organized and trying new things

We spent Sunday at home getting organized. K is actually really good at cleaning out cupboards and closets and organizing (my) things. I have a lot of things!! I'm hoping to downsize as I go, getting rid of things I don't use much and prioritizing using things that mean a lot to me.

My studio has needed a good purge for a very long time. It's not done, but at least I've started with one corner cabinet that will house the Weck jar inventory. I'm so over the moon with the possibility of these little jars!

This week I'll be using them quite a bit to style an afterwork gathering. Candy, nuts, sauces, desserts - you name it. I'm starting to develop recipes for mini desserts that I'll be sharing later, once I'm sure they're delicious.

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