Thursday, October 24, 2013

What are we up to?

Just a little something.

We're working towards a Fall Event at The (other) Kennedy Compound that will combine everything we love - food, crafting, beautiful + functional products, entertaining, and family & friends.

We're creating small batch, artisanal goodies and sharing a multitude of ways of how to use them and the gorgeous Weck jars they are packaged in.

So far the Fall line-up includes Kent's Classic Apple Butter and Grandma Wiard's Chili Sauce.  One or two more products are still to be developed. We're thinking Cranberry Cherry Sauce and Bacon Jam. Yes? No?

We hope you will join us on this adventure - stop by see what's cooking, come be a taste tester, share thoughts and recipes, help with dishes...

Invites for the pop-up will go out shortly. If you're interested in attending, please let us know.

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