Tuesday, November 5, 2013

You heard right. Bacon Jam.

The pictures really speak for themselves. We are so excited that Bacon Jam will be appearing in the Fall line up of small batch goods we are offering at the November 22nd Pop Up Event.

Taste testing is a hard part of the job, but so necessary. Recipe development is new to me, as most of you know.  I'm really trying to document everything so that it can be shared and repeated!

So what is this monstrosity of goodness?  It's a bacon jam on rye toast with an over easy egg, spinach, swiss and gouda cheese.

It was just what I needed today. A little bit sweet, but salty and spicy bites courtesy of the jam. The warm, runny egg and cheese provided the protein I needed. Spinach is a given, right?

Five minutes to make. Fifteen to photograph. Two to eat. I feel like I should sign off every post "I love this job!".

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