Monday, December 30, 2013

Craft Therapy

I went to bed last night knowing I could do ANYTHING today. I could go clothes shopping, buy new pots/pans, go to a movie, get coffee, do year-end business stuff, etc...

But I chose to craft. It's been a long time. It felt wonderful.

I should have cleaned the studio - but instead I got into stuff and made a mess. Luckily it was our cleaning people day and the entire house is spotless. I feel like I can take credit for that because if I didn't write that check every other week this place would be a mess!

Instead I did something I wanted to do. With no direction or expectations or time frame. I got stuff out and walked away even telling myself if it didn't turn out, that was OK too.  But I like the results.

I made "just a little something" to capture good things that happen in 2014. The concept is that throughout the year you write down good things that happened. Surprise gifts,
accomplished goals, the beauty of nature, “LOL” moments, time with family and friends, memories worth saving, daily blessings... Then on December 31st you read all the wonderful things that happened throughout the year. 

It's another example of how you can use the weck jars once the goodies are gone. Make one for yourself, or a friend. It doesn't have to be fancy (this one is a gift!). You can simply just use the jar without any decor (I might do that for myself).

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