Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer ... finally!

I wouldn't call "Summer" until the patio was done and although there is still some metal work to do, I'm officially calling it done and kicking off the season.

So now I can enjoy all the planning, visiting and partying that this summer holds. In a few weeks Wakako from Baum-kuchen and my precious Roo will be visiting us for over a week!! We're headed to the cottage and will spend some time here at T(o)KC. We will be having a get together before they head home. I want so many of my friends to meet my amazing Cali family (well, at least part of my Cali family).

The gardens have kept me busy. I was really intimidated to create/buy/plant the new landscaped garden by the patio. I love the plants we picked out, but need to do some re-arranging. I've been harvesting random flowers from the garden for around the house. I'll do a shade plant/garden post soon.

Plant highlight: I love the fluffy whiteness of Goats Beard. Introduced to me moons ago by my Mom and Dad. I remember arriving at the cottage and finding two wine bottles (beautiful deep blue and green) hosting goats beard and nepata (purple cat mint) on the kitchen table and was in awe. I actually think one of my bushes is from the cottage reno.

Goats beard, butterfly bush, spirea and barberry

Oh! I can't wait for Roo to come check out our patio raspberry bushes. They are loaded with berries waiting to ripen. We've have a few - and they are delicious. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these bushes are everything I hoped for to add some bulk, color and edible offerings on the patio. They have such a pretty leaf, the berries are a bonus!

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  1. Hope your new plants are faring better with the deer than mine are. Make sure you protect those lovely raspberries.


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